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  • 2 Go Global 2 Go Global Two Atlanta lawyers quit their jobs and spent 18 months traveling through South America, Central America, Japan, Southeast Asia, India, Nepal, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and the United States in 1999-2001 Plus d'infos
  • Adventure Notebook Adventure Notebook Around the world adventure of Lauryn Axelrod and her 12 year-old son, Joshua. Travelogues, photographs, planning instructions and educational sections. Plus d'infos
  • Adventure Prone Adventure Prone Journal of stories and photos from around the world travels in 2000/2001, including biking through Latin America and motorcycling across the Middle East. Includes newsletter and message boards. Plus d'infos
  • AroundTheWorld 1999 AroundTheWorld 1999 Features photographs, movies, travel tips, text and audio journals as four individuals drive Land Rover around the world in 78 days. Plus d'infos
  • Boston Cube Boston Cube A travelogue about returning to the UK via South America, Australia and the Far East after two years working in Boston. Plus d'infos
  • Cambridge 2 Capetown Cambridge 2 Capetown Details of the overland trip from Cambridge to Cape Town, including live news, current location, message boards and photo albums. Plus d'infos
  • ChickenBus.Com ChickenBus.Com An Arizona couple's journey through 35 countries on 5 continents in 1998. Beijing, China to Mazatlan, and Mexico; mostly overland. Plus d'infos
  • Deb's World Tour Deb's World Tour Logs of world travels including trips to the Philippines, Borneo, Australia and New Zealand. Features skydiving, bungy jumping, sailing and diving adventures. Plus d'infos

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