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  • Friendship Force Friendship Force Nonprofit cultural exchange organization promoting friendship and goodwill through an extensive program of homestay exchanges since 1977. Plus d'infos
  • Hospex Hospex Oldest web based club. Founded as a platform for contacts between traveling academics and students. Dormant at the moment. Plus d'infos
  • Hospitality Club Hospitality Club Worldwide network offering free accommodation, advice, and help to fellow travelers. Available in English, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish. Plus d'infos
  • Servas Servas Largest and oldest club, founded in 1949 as a peace organization. There is a fee to join and membership applications cannot be made online. Plus d'infos
  • Travelhoo Travelhoo Web based accommodation network. By exchanging hospitality with other travelers, you can stay for free all over the world. Plus d'infos

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